Sunday, August 24, 2008

Liam's dedication on 17 August 2008!

My Child,You may not know me,but I know everything about you......I know when you sit down and when you rise up.For you were made in my image.In me you live and move and have your'e being....for you are my ofspring!I knew you even before you were conceived,I chose you when I planned creation,for all your'e days are written in my book.I determined the exact time of your'e birth and were you would live,you are fearfully and wonderfully made and it is my desire to lavish you with love!My plan for your'e future has always been filled with HOPE,I rejoice over you with singing and I will never stop doing good to you....I am you'r provider and I meet all your'e needs,for you are my treasured posession!(Father's love letter)This dedication was such a day of thanksgiving to me,because God was good to us!When I first had the random dream that we were having another boy and that we should call him Liam(I know it sounds crazy,but it is true)It took me weeks to share it with Ryan...the boy part I could deal with but the name was the issue,that was not the name I had in mind!I knew when I shared this with Ryan there were no turning back ...and I was right LIAM RYAN it was!Little did I realize how powerfull and comforting this name would become to me in the coming months.."Devine Protector"so reads the name book when you look up came to me so many times when we had another ER visit or some issue that was totally out of ou're control.It was as if God said it is all going to be just fine ..for I am Liam's DEVINE PROTECTOR!Lord we dedicate this boy to you because we are so greatfull for the gift you have given us we understand the responsibility and we ask for wisdom to teach him how big you're grace is!


Another Ryan clone!

And here he is with the incubater!

Great Grandpa blesses little Liam!

The picture they showed on the big screen.

Paster Kathy just prayed the most wonderfull blessinfg over Liam!

The 4 of us!

Liam was slain by the holy spirit,could not stay awake for his o