Monday, August 4, 2008

Last week of July...

Carrie an I met in Dallas this week to take the boys to the flight Museum.Since they have moved we only see each other once a week,really miss our'e daily coffee and quick (to all day) 'hello'!But Micah and I really look forward each week to spend some time with them,Ella and Liam was born a week appart and Micah and Jackson have known each other since birth,they are a David and Jonathan pair ...back to the museum... It was great so much fun for the kids ,they had a big play area inside were the kids could run and clime,we will be back it was a great day! Micah and Jackson outside the museum,

This picture belong down the page were Liam is sitting for the first time but I cannot get it back there!! Jackson loving the planes!

It is a big world out there!!

What a big day for Liam!!!He is getting ready to eat sweet peas for the first time!!!!We gave Micah the big brother dutyto serve the first bite and to alls delight Liam loved it!!He actually could not eat it fast enough!Maybe he will actually like food because we still can not figure out how Micah got so big since he does not like food!! Miracles do happen!!

I had to try next bite ,did not have the same reaction as Micah guesse we found the problem....Hey aren't you the milk lady?

Had to leave the feeding of the peas over to his big brother,looks yummy!!Thank you Micah

On Wendsday Tammy and Amy thought taking the 3yearolds to the movies would be great fun...if you consider runnning around in the dark chasing a dark object called you're child around you should really consider going!!!Micah and Lainey outside the movies!They wanted to stay for the next show....ja right!

I had some plans that did not work out so I hopped in the car with Amy and Lainey and the boys and we headed out to Carries house for a play date,here is Liam trying to show of his sitting skills,Ella has already masterd can do it Liam!

The next two picture's should be swaped around because Liam actually really sat for the first time just for a couple of minutes but he did it!!!Must be that he did not want a girl t show him up!We are proud of you!!

(picture is on the top of this page,yes I am a loser that I can not get it back..this blog is a miracle)

Just look at the posture!!Basic training is paying off!!
They are so cute we decided we'll keep them!

Group photo left; Micah,Jackson,Lainey and Ella and Liam

We love our'e friends!
Here is Micah actually eating some thing for other moms normal for me a candid moment!
On our'e way back from the Irons family and the result from a productive play date!!We had so much fun thank you Carrie! He is just so sweet just the apple of my eye...

Micah had to hold on to Liam's hand in the car and fell asleep just like that,it is moments like this that makes me so proud and thankfull for the wonderfull gift God has given me....
Ingie gave Liam this bib so this is specially for you tannie Inge!
Liam is really starting to hold on to things and he tries to put it into his mouth,he will reach for something if you hold it in front of him,he is not turning over yet but we are working on more tummy time!