Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Micah turns 3!!

After the best Birthday ever we went over to the Riggins Family was so much fun got home 11:30pm and then had to open gifts with Micah,he had the best time...and so did we!!

Angela ,Whitney and Rusty with their kids Paxton ,Mackie, Brant and his little sis! Enjoying the Texas heat!

Jack Carter pool is so fun! Slides, spraying water,sun and ad kids to that and it=more fun than one can handle,here Mackie is coming down!
Micah is opening the water sray,watch out it will ruin your'e hair!Jackson is showing of is new found swim talent!

Jason ,Amy and Lainey hanging with Liam ,Ginger ,Jazen discussing the beach ball and Ella looking cute in pink!

Liam is worn out from all the partying !!

Micah wanted a Tow truck cake and the truck had to be blue!!We had to get creative,he loved it and that is all that matters! The ballons took of and here we have Hero dad coming to the rescue he made one huge leap and actyally cought the balloons,it was was really funny!!!Go Ryan!!!

Since it was a pool party Micah was dressed like a mini life saver was so cute I just love him holding the balloons. After the balloon scare he was terrified that they would fly away ,that he would not let go of them we actually had to put them in them in the truck !
Saturday morning we took Micah to C Cheese ,you only turn 3 once and we had to have as much fun as possible! It is my Birthday!the hair,and the true effert to blow out the candle,nothing better!!!!Every birthday starts off with waking up the birthday boy in bed ..the best is...
We cannot even think what our'e life was before you were born ,this last 3 years was the begining of really living!!!Daddy and I was given the biggest gift of all when we had you.....We are so greatfull to God for making you so perfect just for us ,we feel so special and loved when you are around .
Ou're wish for you on your'e third birthday.....
Wonderfull life adventures,forever kind of friendships lots of opportunities to pursue your greatest passions.
We wish for people to be kind to you,and for you to always expect the best from others.
And always know that we pray often that God will give you guidance and wisdom and that He will protect you from head-to-toe-tip.
We love watching you tackle the world with enthusiasm...we love you more than words can ever say.Happy birthday Micah!

Love Daddy and mammie