Monday, June 30, 2008

Recap January to June

    It has been such an eventfull year so much happend we have been so blessed that this will be pages long if I have to put all the emotion going along with this last 6 months so here is a short recap!

January 27 @1 am baby Liam is born at 32 weeks.We are so thankfull it has been an up and down pregnancy and to finally see that little sweet baby what at five weeks looked like a miscarage was just something we could only call our'e miracle!

    He was so bruised because he came out 'sunny side' up just broke my is not easy...

    Micah meets Liam for the first time....

    This is a big brother party,it only happens once!We had to celebrate!

For the next 25 days Liam will spent his days in the NICU ,down to 3 pounds 12 ounces our'e little guy was doing great,was breathing by himself from the start but he had to work on sucking and swallowing.I spent my days driving back and forth to the hospital as my mom( who left S.A on a days notice to make it here in time for his birth!!) was helping me with Micah.Could not have done it with out her!I LOVE YOU MAMMA

February 20 Liam comes home!!Do we even have words to express all our'e thanks to God for paving out this difficult road to make it all seem so manageable...God you have blessed us with grace,You have been good to us Liam will always know God is his devine protector!

see ya later!!!!!!!!!!

This was Liam's board by his bed in the NICU it gets updated every day,this was the best day!

Micah holds Liam for the first time....

So good to have him home ,so shocking to suddenly have two!!Again my mom and all my great friends bails me out!All the dinners and phone calls just made me aware once again how blessed I am,Thank you all


My mom stayed another 4 weeks potty training Micah and cleaning my kitchen cabinets!While I had baby on the boob and dealing with hormones and lack of sleep! Ryan was working long long houers since he had inbetween all of this started a new job was a little grazzzzy !

March 16 my mom is on her way home I am so sad...but Liam is comming along great!Micah and ouma has become close he is having a hard time understanding the distance brakes my heart!

My sister arives with Anouk a week later by now I am used to two kids and we take a trip to San Antonio a little brave,but I just love my sister and no matter what we always have the best time!!Sea World was fantastic and just watching Micah an Anouk interact was so special,(could we not just live closer?)Liam on the other hand developed a little reflux so the trip was not so fun for him.We had a fun fun week !April 15 Liam smiles the first time

We were so blessed to celebrate Anoukies 2nd bithday with her so we had a Hello Kitty party at Animal house she loved it.Now the time was short before they had to leave,Icould not think about my sister not being around...It always breaks my heart.Icried this time for Micah to because he did not want his cousin to leave...But she is always just here close close to my heart(hope my two boys will share this same special bond)

Great grandpa(g-pa)

Michaels wedding how handsome!

May was just coming to grips with oure live as four and watching liam grow now 14 pounds,the dr says he looks great and whenI look at my little miracle and I am loving this moments so much! Micah is a great big brother he is really so sweet and sensitive towards Liam ,just a wonderfull story in the making about two broth


    Brotherly love,makes a mommies heart so happy!

first cereal yummi!!

June is here and it is summer Liam is 5 months and is enjoing pool days and spray park moments with micah and all of our'e friends,this is going to be a fun summer!!

Outside movies with the Arry's so much fun!!!

Ryan's first father's day with two boys,always makes me so proud watching him with the kids,he is just so great with them,just so commited to their dreams and just has such sweet love for them.I am thankfull for a husband like him....he is one of a kind I feel just so special that he picked me to share all this with him..Ilove you honey!